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Available Add-Ons

Strobe Lighting Packages

Profoto Strobe Lights & Chimera Modifiers

Strobe Level One (One light): $110

1x Profoto D4 2400 pack, 1x Head, 1x Lamp extension, 2x PocketWizard, 1x reflector, 1x softbox

Strobe Level Two (2 point lighting): $180.00

1x Profoto D4 2400 pack, 2x Head, 2x Lamp extension, 2x PocketWizard, 2x reflector, 2x softbox

Strobe Level Three (3 point lighting): $200

1x Profoto D4 2400 pack, 3x Head, 2x Lamp extension, 2x PocketWizard, 3x reflector, 3x softbox

Strobe Level Four (4 point lighting): $270

2x Profoto D4 2400 pack, 4x Head, 2x Lamp extension, 3x PocketWizard, 4x reflector, 4x softbox

Strobe Level Pro (Ultimate lighting package): $300

2x Profoto Pro-8a 2400 packs, 4x Pro Head, 2x Lamp Extension, 1x Air Remote, 4x reflector, 4x softbox, 1x beauty dish

Video Lighting Packages

Fiilex & Astra LED Lights & Chimera Modifiers

Video Lighting Level One: $135

3x Fiilex P360 head, 3x barndoor, 3x diffuser, 3x standard umbrella

Video Lighting Level Two: $225

2x Astra Lite Panel, 2x Chimera softbox


Assistants help build sets and setup lighting for your shoot

  • Grip/Lighting Tech
    2-5 hours: $275 / 5-10 hours: $375

Digital Techs

Digital Techs manage all aspects of a tethered shoot

  • Digital Tech
    2-5 hours: $375 / 5-10 hours: $475