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production managementphotospace can make shoots of any size run smoothly

We all know a shoot isn’t just time spent taking photos. Pre- and post-production is the key to a successful shoot. At photospace, we have years of experience in sourcing everything needed for a successful shoot, and we have many partners throughout the industry available to you both before, during, and after your shoot.

Production management.

  • car service/personnel transportation
  • production insurance
  • grip & lighting assistants
  • digital technicians
  • wardrobe
  • props
  • hair & makeup artists
  • product stylists
  • food stylists
  • car & motorcycle prep
  • catering
  • onsite workflow & asset management

Recent Clients

People Magazine


Frenzy Magazine

(stills + video/editorial)

GQ Magazine


Fast & Furious


Range Rover


Le Boudoir

(stills/commercial + editorial)