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membershipsmonthly memberships for professional photographers and videographers

A membership is NOT required to rent studio space or gear – anyone can rent!

However, photospace does offer membership plans for professional photographers and videographers on a month-to-month basis. These are the most complete studio memberships in Colorado, with extensive grip, computer and lighting equipment included!

10 hours

$ 450

Per Month10 hours/month
studio access

20 hours

$ 800

Per Month20 hours/month
studio access


  • Additional rental hours over and above the membership hours are available at $65/hr.
  • Memberships are monthly and start on the 1st of the month.
  • Memberships are autorenewing until cancelled in writing 30 days prior to the next billing date.
  • Hours do not rollover.

Memberships include.

  • online booking
  • private 24/7 studio access
  • full grip equipment package
  • tethered shooting station
  • 2x Profoto D4 2400ws Packs
  • 4x Profoto Acute/D 2400ws Heads
  • 4x Acute/D Head Extension Cables
  • 4x Profoto Reflectors
  • Fiilex P360 3 light LED kit
  • set of umbrellas (white, translucent, silver)
  • backdrops: black, grey, red, chroma blue, chroma green
  • fog & haze machines
  • discounted rate on all other lighting and on cameras
  • discounted rate on lifestyle shooting spaces
  • and everything included in standard studio rental

Membership Sign-Up

Once your membership is approved, you will be receive a confirmation email. Then the last day of this current month you will receive a link to enter payment details to  start your membership. As a reminder, all memberships start on the 1st of the month.

"*" indicates required fields

Member assumes the risk of loss, damage or destruction of any and all equipment, supplies, artworks, or other properties in any studio or lifestyle space. Member shall be responsible for any personal injury or property damage to resident or third party arising out of or in connection with Member's use of photospace studio, lifestyle space and/or equipment. Member agrees to make no claim against, and to indemnify and hold harmless photospace, their officers, directors, and employees from any claim by Member or any third party for personal injury or property damage arising out of or in connection with Member uses of photospace studio, lifestyle space and/or equipment.*
Member and persons invited by member shall, at all time, comply with all Federal, State and local statutes, regulations ordinances and other laws and all photospace rules and policies while in the photospace studio or lifestyle space, and to cover Member's potential liability for personal injury or property damage under term of membership and during use of photospace studio, lifestyle space and/or equipment. This agreement is in force for current and all future uses until both parties agree to change in writing.*
First month payment is required upon signup. Monthly payments must be paid in advance, and are due on the date this contract sets as the start date within the month. If photospace does not receive payment within 5 days of that date, the agreement is terminated, and payment will be due in full for the remainder of the contracted membership immediately.*
Rental times can be scheduled anytime online prior to the end of the photographer’s monthly cycle. Hours can be used different days throughout the month. Hours do not roll over to the next month. Time is forfeited if not used within the month’s cycle. Photographer will need to reserve desired studio times at his/her own convenience. Studio time is reserved on a first come first serve basis. Please include the time you need to setup for your session in your reservation. You will need to include time needed for make-­up artists, hair dressers, lighting setup, prop, furniture setup, equipment testing, etc. in your reservation time. Time starts at your reservation time, not when your entire party arrives. Time ends after the entire party leaves the studio area and the studio is cleaned, ready for the next photographer. Leave the studio the same way it was when you arrived. There is no refund for leaving early.*
Member will obtain their own insurance as per the photospace policy requirements and supply a Certificate of Insurance to photospace.*
We realize that sometimes things come up and you may have to reschedule or cancel the studio session. If you need to reschedule your session for a different date or time, please give us written notice via e-mail at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled session date. If you cancel or reschedule less than 48 hours before the session time, or do not appear (no show) for your reserved session, your scheduled appointment hours will be deducted from your monthly usage allowance. If further no shows or late cancellations occur, photospace reserves the right to not make any further appointments and cancellation of your membership could result and Member will lose the payment made. Please note that photospace has a strict NO REFUNDS POLICY. Please consider that we reserve the studio facility to only one client at a time. Once we reserve specific studio time for you, we have to turn down other clients that might need that time. All fees and policies are non negotiable. We try our best to work with each client understanding that their needs are unique. These policies are in place to assure that all clients are treated the same just as we value each client the same.*
photospace reserves the right to terminate this agreement upon violation of this agreement; photographer must remove all belongings immediately if terminated. This contract runs for three months. Memberships are non refundable and non transferable.*
photospace designed the following policies and rules, including rules listed here and guidelines posted in the studio and lifestyle spaces to ensure a safer and more enjoyable environment in which to host your shoot. So, please be thoughtful and observe the Policies and Rules that you, and all members and Renters, have agreed to follow. photospace may, in its sole discretion, modify the Policies and Rules without any notice at any time. It’s your responsibility to know and follow the most current Policies and Rules. All approved signs posted in studio or on the premises or in lifestyle spaces shall be considered a part of the Policies and Rules of photospace. The following Policies and Rules replace all previous Policies and Rules. If there is any conflict between these Policies and the posted club Rules, these Policies and Rules apply. Initial if you have read and agree to all policies & rules. <p> 1. No Drama! A serious no tolerance policy for petty grievances. 2. Be Safe. It is your responsibility to know and apply the safety rules and guidelines. 3. Be Responsible. Respect and show proper usage of facilities and equipment, including taking into consideration your limitations within the studio or lifestyle space. 4. Be Tidy. Show willingness to pick up after yourself, especially in shared areas. 5. Show Respect. Consider and respect other renters, their space, health, sanity, and property. Pick up after yourself when using the studio or lifestyle space. Discard paper and trash in designated bins. Take out the trash when needed. Recycle and reuse materials whenever possible. Turn off the lights when leaving. Secure the facility upon departure. Be aware of the needs of other people working in the studio or lifestyle space. Non-members are strictly prohibited from using your codes to access any of our facilities. Repeatedly problematic or disruptive behavior may result in termination of rental contract and access, as decided on a case-by-case basis. 6. Each Member is responsible for the security and safety of all their belongings in the space. photospace and its owners/managers are not responsible for any loss or damage to your belongings. 7. No toxic, harmful and strong odor chemicals may be used at any time. No open flames at any time, including but not limited to candles, torches, and incense. No smoking or illegal drug use is allowed anywhere inside the building. 8. If no one is scheduled after you and you stay longer than the time reserved, then payment at the Membership hourly rate will be due within 10 days of the end of your session. 9. Include set-­up, makeup and wardrobe time in your rental reservation time. Please don’t be late and ask your clients to be on time. 10. After each use of the studio, the photographer is required to sweep the floor and mop up, and put lights, cables, grip, production gear, etc in their designated areas. After each use of the cycl wall, please wipe down and remove any dirt and scuffs. Dirt and scuffs can be removed by using all-‑purpose cleaner and a scrubber or Mr. Clean’s MagicErasers (provided). 11. No Alcohol, Drugs, or Smoking: You cannot engage in any activity at photospace while under the influence. 12. No Weapons: No weapons are permitted in photospace without written consent from photospace staff. 13. No Pornography: No photography, videography, and/or audio of explicit sexual acts are permitted. 14. Misconduct: Including causing a nuisance to other clients, mistreatment of photospace staff, illegal activity, destruction/vandalism of photospace equipment or facilities. 15. ANIMALS: Must have written consent from photospace. All animals must have a handler at all times. The handler must have this as their sole position for the shoot. 16. MINORS: Persons under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian with them at all times. 17. MESSY SHOOTS: Any shoot that may become “messy” including but not limited to Glitter, Oil, Water, Mud, Food, Snow, etc must be approved by photospace staff. Additional cleanup fees may apply.*
Attorney’s Fees: In the event of any breach of this agreement, the party responsible for the breach agrees to pay reasonable attorneys' fees and costs incurred by the other party in the enforcement of this agreement or suit for recovery of damages. The prevailing party in any suit instituted arising out of this agreement will be entitled to receive reasonable attorneys' fees and costs incurred in such suit. Agreement Between Parties: This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Colorado. Provisions of this agreement may be amended only in writing and signed by both an authorized photospace representative and Member. Each party has read the above agreement and before signing it, has had the opportunity to contact an attorney or other person to assist that party in reviewing the agreement. Each party certifies that she/he understands the agreement and has had the opportunity to ask for an explanation of any term that the party does not fully understand. Signature on this agreement also indicates that Member has full read and greet to all policies previously agreed to when signing up for a photospace account online at Surveillance: The studio space and lifestyle spaces have surveillance cameras installed in several places throughout for security purposes. Alert your clients that surveillance is in place. Equal Opportunity Policy Statement: photospace seeks, enrolls and maintains memberships without regard to race, religion, marital status, sex, or sexual orientation. All members shall have full and equal access to the facilities and/or equipment.*
The terms and conditions listed in this agreement are hereby made as part of this agreement and are binding. You acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of this contract/agreement by signing.