In order to do actually provide rental gear and/or studio space for you we will also need a rental Account Registration.
If you are doing a gear rental with a value greater than $2500, we will also need a Certificate of Insurance submitted prior to booking.
For gear rentals with a replacement value below $2500, you may use either an insurance certificate or do a credit card hold for the replacement value.



After you have an account with us, we will send you an estimate online for you to approve, or to request changes.


Once you approve your estimate in the online system, the estimate will convert to an invoice and email itself to you with a request for payment of a deposit.


You may pay the invoice with any credit card. You may also simply forward the invoice to your client, producer or agency if you wish them to pay with their credit card.

Please note, no rentals are reserved and no gear is guaranteed available and locked in prior to payment of the deposit. Estimates expire after five days.